Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nargis Stage Drama

Nargis is the most popular actresses of Pakistani Punjabi Movies and stage dramas. She is very well known in all over Pakistan among every young and old people. The entire people know her by stage performance and Punjabi movies. She is the beautiful and sexy actresses of Punjabi stage dramas and movies. You have already watch her Stage dramas and movies but those who don’t know about her and want to see her pictures and also her stage dramas. So visit here in this site we will show you the list of her Stage dramas complete. Then you can easily watch those stage shows that you missed to watch. Then what are you waiting for visit here and see the full stage drama’s list below.

Shartia Mithay
Bazar Band karo
Kala Raj
Yaar Badshah
Achhu Lahoria
Billo 302
Ghundi Ran
Puttar Hamayun Ghujjar Da
Suha Jora
Wehshi Rajput
These are the one of the best Dramas of Nargis. She won the heart of the all over Pakistani people and other countries. She did outstanding and marvelous performance in these dramas. That’s why she takes place in the heart of Pakistani people. She has made many best fan and lovers by her Drama’s. Those people who want to watch her stage dramas and they don’t know about the names of her stage dramas. So visit here and learn her dramas names and then check which drama you missed to watch and watch now. I hope you will really enjoy her performance and her dancing in the dramas.

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